1.  How many devices can be charged at the same time?

ALLDOCK Medium: up to 4

ALLDOCK Large: up to 6

Tower: up to 8

2.  What is the advantage of ALLDOCK?

The ALLDOCK medium contains a 4x USB hub. The ALLDOCK Large has a 6x USB hub. Each USB port is supplied with 2,400 mA. The integrated circuit (IC) in our USB hub protects your electronic device from excessive electrical current, voltage and short circuits. The circuit (IC) also identifies the connected devices and selects the best charging method for each USB port. The USB hub is encased in fireproof PC material. ALLDOCK comes with FCC, CE and SAA certification.

3.  How good is ALLDOCK's loading capacity?

ALLDOCK is one of the fastest chargers in the world, a turbocharger so to speak. It charges 40% faster than Apple charging stations and

it combines up to 6 USB ports. In addition, ALLDOCK protects your mobile devices against short circuits and over-voltage. Thanks to 

the fast charging process, ALLDOCK also gives you more time for the important things in life.

INPUT: AC 110V-240V 50-60 Hz 1.5A 
INPUT: AC 110V-240V 50-60 Hz 1.5A 

4. How wide are the individual slots of the ALLDOCK Medium?

5. How wide are the individual slots of the ALLDOCK Large?


6. What material is ALLDOCK made of?

The bamboo variants are made of Chinese bamboo wood.

The walnut varieties are made of North American walnut.

The plastic variants are made of high-quality ABS plastic.

7. Where does the wood used in ALLDOCK come from?

Bamboo: China

Walnut: USA or Canada

8. Which security certificates are available?

CE, FCC, FSC (wood)

9. Does my mobile phone fit into the ALLDOCK with its cover on?

Please note the slot dimensions stated in the answers to questions 4 and 5.

10. Which devices dan be charged?

11. The ALLDOCK does not charge all devices, what should I do?

1. Check the devices you have connected.

2. Doesn't it charge at all or just a single USB port?

3. Does the blue indicator light of the USB hub light up?

If you have ruled out these sources of error, please test another USB cable. If you still cannot charge your devices, test a different power plug. 

If it still does not work, please contact our customer service.

12. Why does my iPhone or iPad display the message "This cable or accessory is not certified?

This message is caused by the cable used, but not by ALLDOCK. All cables on the ALLDOCK website are of high quality and certified. However, Apple uses its own lightning connections for its products in order to load or transfer data. You can use third-party cables and accessories, but they must be MFI certified. If this is not the case with your cable, this warning message appears.

13. Why does ALLDOCK come without a charging cable?

Due to the many different charging cables, it is not possible for us to include the correct cables and the right number of them for everyone when buying an ALLDOCK. 

You can either use your cables at home in the ALLDOCK or buy our cables or the convenient one-hand adapter together with your ALLDOCK.

14. How do I use the One-Hand-Adapter (OHA)?

You can find a video tutorial here: https://vimeo.com/232811956.

15. Where does the One-Hand-Adapter (OHA) fit?

You need our special ALLDOCK cable for the OHA. 

The ClickIn OHA (articles 6825, 6832 and 6894) are suitable for all variants of ALLDOCK.

16. Can I use my own cables for the OHA?

For the OHA you need to use our special ALLDOCK cables.

17. I only need the OHA because I have my own cables already. Can I order it separately? 

You need the special cables from ALLDOCK for the OHA. That is why our OHA are only sold with the corresponding cable.

18. How does ALLDOCK work?

This information can be found in the enclosed instruction manual of ALLDOCK and under the following link: https://vimeo.com/237715820.

19. How does the Mount work?

Under this link, you will find a video about how the Mount works: https://vimeo.com/232811802.

20. Is there a charging cable for a smartwatch on the mount?

The cable is not included in delivery. Please use the cable that came with your watch.

21. My delivery is incomplete. What do I do now? 

Please contact our customer service. Describe what is missing and enter your purchase/ order number.
Tel.: +49 202 870 470 70

Mail: support@alldock.de

22. My shipment is damaged. What can I do?

Please contact customer service. Please describe exactly what is damaged and if the box is damaged as well. Document these things as a precaution. 

23. How long is the warranty period?

The warranty is 2 years within the EU and 1 year outside the EU.
You can find more information about the warranty in our terms and conditions.

24. What should I do if ALLDOCK ceases to work after the warranty expires?

Contact Customer Service. Please describe the defect there. We will certainly find a mutually satisfying solution!

25. What does the warranty cover?

The warranty covers the functionality of the product. If the device does not work within the warranty period, you are entitled to a free repair or replacement.

26. Whom should I contact if I want to claim the warranty?

Please contact our customer service. 

27. To which address do I return ALLDOCK?

Please contact customer service for the exact address. They can give you a return note for the return shipment.

28. I do not really like ALLDOCK anymore. What do I do now?

Customers from the EU have a 2-week right of return. If you want to return the order within the 2 weeks, please contact the customer service in time, i.e. at the latest 14 days after receipt of the product. 


29. My order has not arrived. What do I do now? 

For the "track and trace code" please contact the customer service if you did not receive it automatically. You should normally receive the track and trace code at least 2 days after your order.

30. I want to revoke my purchase. 

Please contact our customer service within 14 days of receiving the goods and revoke the purchase.
You do not have to state the reason for the revocation, but we are always happy to receive any feedback.

31. My phone does not charge. What can I do?

There may be several reasons for this. Please check the following points:

1. Check the blue light on the loading box in the ALLDOCK.

2. Try another cable.

3. Test a different power plug (if present).

Check if you can charge another device with it.

If your device still does not load, please contact customer service and describe the problem. Together we will find a solution!